Dance and Poetry, a Match Made in Heaven. (Day 36)


If you were to ask me to dance,

I’d first want to know what you thought about

the meaning of life.

I’d want to hear your idea

of love.

and optimism.

Before I take your hand,

I’d need to know who you are

and who you want

to be around me.

My hands want to know what makes you nervous,

so that they know just when

I should hold yours tight.

Like two children meeting at the park,

I’d want to know your favorite color.

And what makes you smile.

I’d need to know all of this

because when two people dance,

it is like two soul mates passing each other

on the way to work.

Not only do their feet decide to synchronize.

So do their hearts.

My heart remembers dancing with others before,

but this time it will do it’s research

to allow me to trust in you.

Now, I will let you take me out on the dancefloor,

and we will dance to your favorite song.

I know that your body

will tell me everything beautiful about you.

I hope you enjoy! Thank you Writing 201 for this challenge 🙂 and thank you, my dear Michael, for being my inspiration ❤




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