Serendipity (Days 28-35)




Words dance to serenade my


Have you ever had moments in your life that appeared to be serendipitous? Sometimes they happen when you aren’t looking for them.  I’ve been finding that the more you open yourself to them, the more they will appear.

I’ve never truly considered myself a “religious” person, but I am finding myself more and more spiritual as I discover what life has to offer.  My fiancé (I’ve talked about him quite a bit now- his name is Michael) has been studying dreams for a few months now as a hobby; and as those of you in a relationship know, this means that I have also been learning a ton about dreams 🙂 I do really enjoy it, though!

What’s so amazing about dreams is the symbolism that can occur if you try to interpret what your dreams mean.  I can’t help but wonder- why does this only need to be with our dreams? I believe that things happen every single day for a greater purpose. I often stop and ask myself, “Why is this happening right now? What am I supposed to learn from this?” and it’s amazing sometimes the answers I find within myself.

This past weekend, Michael and I attended a ballroom dance instructor training seminar with our studio. It was jam-packed with speakers who have succeeded in our industry, dance sessions from amazing teachers in our area, and super fun instructor competitions and social dancing! There was one particular moment during one of the motivation speeches that I had that whoa… I know the universe wants me to hear and think about this moments.  The speaker was explaining how sometimes when we teach, the words we say are not completely understood.  His exact sentence was “Just because you said something, does not mean it was understood.”  This didn’t just hit me from a dance perspective, it hit my from a human perspective.  It made me think of the relationships in my life and how many misunderstanding there have been because someone assumed  that their words were understood.  The meaning of “misunderstanding” is “the failure to understand or interpret correctly.” This puts a lot of responsibility on the listening party, but what about the person who is misunderstood? We don’t have the power to make someone understand us, but we do have the power to try our best.  I know this may sound like common sense to some, but for me this was a truly enlightened experience.  When the speaker said those words, I could literally imagine the words floating out of his mouth and lingering around me (dream-like quality)- this made it surreal and unlike a normal experience for me. I felt like it was the answer to… something- but I wasn’t quite sure what.

So, what did I do with this new found wisdom? I’ve started to use it in all my communications with others.  I had an amazing conversation with Michael last night- I told him about this new revelation I had and we talked with the goal of being clear, trying to truly understand and be understood.  It made our conversation so much more meaningful and cohesive.

I also tried to keep this in mind as I taught my contemporary classes tonight- I was open and honest with the girls about my motives and ideas and I encouraged them to be open and honest with me, as well.  This created a positive energy in the room and allowed them to feel free in their learning and movement.

When we take down our barriers, and truly give others the chance to look in and understand us, they will feel more comfortable to reciprocate. This has truly been a WOW Weekend, and I am truly humbled to share these thoughts with you.  I hope this encourages you to keep your eyes, ears, and hearts open to any signs that you may come across O:)

Rhythmically yours,

amandaidance  O-)-<


3 thoughts on “Serendipity (Days 28-35)

  1. wonderful !loved the haiku, your post is exactly what we were taught at mba classes… communication is not what the sender says but what the receiver understands and closes the loop with his feedback.. but this can be seen in everyday practical life. the more accurately the receiver understands a message as intended the better the communicator becomes…dance away.

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