Finding Balance, both Literally and Metaphorically. (Days 13-16)


and the new dawn will show the unfolding path
or not.
Let’s wait for the dawn.

Thank you, Anna Sólyom, for these beautiful words in your post “Balance.” I’ve been given the assignment, through Blogging 101, to use inspiration from someone else’s blog for my own post.

The funny thing is, the word “balance” has been on my mind a lot lately.  I’ve been struggling with balancing all of my responsibilities- I know that dance is an all-encompassing career, but sometimes I feel like I’m overdoing it.  Sometimes, both the body and mind need a rest.  I feel pretty in tune with my body- I know when it needs a break (or massage!), but the mind is the one that I don’t always know it needs a break until it’s too late.  One thing I have found that helps me find balance within my mind is taking the time to watch or read something motivational.

My fiancé and I were watching a speech made my Kate of Gaia (if you haven’t checked out her blog- you really should- she is fascinating), which led to a deep discussion about how everything in life is interconnected, as long as you take the time to notice it.  I immediately thought… Balance. This is what I need help finding right now.  Incidentally, this was my horoscope yesterday:

Tuesday – 09.15.15
Today you may feel as though something isn’t right but you cannot quite figure out what it is and so you may find yourself a little grumpy. Before you start lashing out at others who are innocent, grab hold of yourself and realize that what is going on is something that is very temporary with Venus in a semi square with North Node Libra. You may feel a little imbalanced. Try to relax and meditate if you can, you’ll make it.

In her speech, Kate also talks about Libra and how we need to find harmony(balance) within ourselves.  Do you believe in coincidences?

I suppose I will have to try to find balance in my life the way I would in a pirouette… through exploration, determination, and trust in myself.

Rhythmically yours,

amandaidance      o-)-<


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