Dancing, writing… and your opinion. (Day 12)

dance47This blogging experience, so far, has been an eye-opening experience for me.  I am started to see the world and dancing in a new light.  I find myself randomly having the thought “that would be a great blog idea!”.  This is all new to me.  Sometimes it feels weird, but even more, I find it inspiring.  Writing has always been relaxing for me, and pairing it with my passion for Dance feels so right 😉

Since I’m reconnecting with my writing side, I decided to dig out some of my old creative writing assignments, free-writes, and poems.  I’ve written a few poems about dancing, and I’ve been meaning to re-visit them and keep improving upon them.

I’d like to share them with you and get your feedback about what you like, don’t like, and/or any thoughts.  I take constructive criticism very well and am under no illusion that my writing is perfect and can’t use any help or improvement.  I am still learning through this experience, both as a dancer and writer; artists are constantly working on their art and striving to learn and grow.  In art, I don’t believe there is a point when you know everything there is to know.  There is a never-ending search for more knowledge; you know you truly love what you are doing when you are inspired and can’t seem to know enough and you are so excited to question and learn more.

Here are the of the poems I’ve written inspired by dance.  Which one should I start working again? I feel that I’m too biased about my own works, so I’d love some third party objections…

I’m excited to hear your thoughts!

Rhymically yours,

amandaidance o-)-<

Dance Teacher

Bodies move onstage

Like a painting

Every hue as beautiful

As the one beside it

But I see one more bold

She does not think

Or have a face

Just a body and a heart

It beats louder than

Anything I’ve ever


This is the one

I held close

A seed planted

To become this


Of a body and a heart

Very much like my own

Tears fill every corner

Of my eyes

Burn with a sweet feeling

The curtain closes

And I realize

She is complete.

Night Life

Sensations flow through every

Thick Vein

My head sways side to side

Keeping time with the

Tap of my fifty dollar shoe


My body squirms from

Bottom to top

My throat itches to ask

The simple question

Would you like to dance?

Our conversation

Although entertaining

Cannot control this urge to

Twirl, swirl, jib, jab, guide, slide

Grip me tight so I don’t

Sore off to another life

Full of laughter, pleasure, hype, hope

And a cocktail or two

Shall we hully-gully baby?

I fail to control my hands

They tap the table

Drumming it loudly

And drown out your voice

Just when I think




You look at me slyly and ask…

Would you like to dance?

At the Ballet

Never could I dance with such

Grace, poise

Like an elegant ghost

Coming back to show the living

What it means to be



Into a story of what once was

When everything was nothing more than a simple



Hold hands with unforgettable


I want to share it all.

Show me how it feels to dance

At the Ballet


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