When Dance Teachers Get Together… (Day 9)


In the movies, they always show the board (or as I like to call them… “bored”) meetings for corporate workplaces held in a glad office with a huge table.  The people sitting around the table are well-dressed, have laptops or a notebook in front of them, and most importantly… they are soooo serious! Most of them look bored out of their minds, while the others seem to be confident, but stressed.

As you can imagine, it’s a little different when groups of dance instructors get together.  This morning, the staff of Momentum Performing Arts Academy got together, and I was reminded of how wonderful dance teachers are! We all sat in a circle (yes, on the floooor, where we like it!).  We introduced ourselves and discussed what we wanted to accomplish in our classes this season.  I feel that it is so important for teachers of the same studio to communicate and be on the same page when it comes to studio rules, expectations, and dance goals for the children.  As I looked around at this “meeting”, I couldn’t help but smile.  Most of us couldn’t sit still for long- we had to stretch and change our positions constantly 🙂

At the ballroom studio, we have daily meetings, which are held in a conference room with big, comfy chairs and photos of Argentinian Tango dancers on the walls.  As we work full time at this studio, we have more time to discuss our student’s plans and progress.  This time together is invaluable for so many reasons.  First of all, when we discuss our students progress and goals, the entire team feels a part of this student’s learning experience.  Secondly, we teach private lessons and share students, therefore we constantly need to keep each other informed of what we have been working on.  Lastly, a united front is always more effective than a one-man army.  When the teachers talk, we can always have each other’s backs and show the students that we are a team.

Dance instructors may not have the most conventional meetings, however, I truly feel it is so helpful and important for dance teachers to get together as much as possible.  Not only is it fun, it’s also a great way to unit the team of the studio 🙂

Rhythmically yours,

amandaidance o-)-<


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