Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Partner Dancing… (Day 3)


Let me clarify “Partner Dancing”.  I don’t necessarily mean that you need to be romantically involved with your partner.  I teach ballroom dance to both couples and singles. They both get similar benefits out of dancing, and also many different ones (but that is for a another blog another day).

In my teaching so far, one thing I have learned is that ballroom dancing can benefit anyone.  “How?” you ask… well, I’ve narrowed it down to my TEN favorite reasons:

  1. Deep down, every woman wants to feel like a princess and every man wants to feel strong.
  2. There are very few activities where you get to see and feel another person.  In a world of technology, touch and eye contact are so rare and valued.
  3. There is so much thought involved while you are learning patterns and techniques, you hardly notice that you are working out at the same time.
  4. No one likes to sit out while others are having fun on the dancefloor.
  5. People who work desk jobs… your posture must be pretty terrible.  Dancing helps you stand tall and correct that spine!
  6. If you are a couple learning to dance, haven’t you ever had the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith Tango Scene” fantasy? If you haven’t, watch the clip from the movie. If you have, you know what I’m talking about 😉 Let the passion begin!
  7. If you are single, wouldn’t meeting someone at a Swing Night be so much more fun and interactive than a dating website?
  8. How much of our day do we spend in the logic-mindset? Dancing allows you to explore your creative, expressive side.
  9. Dancing can be meditative.  When you dance, it’s very hard to think about anything else. It consumes your thoughts and takes your focus.  You become internal and external at the same time.  Everyone can use a distraction from time to time.
  10. Dancing allows you to communicate with someone in a whole different way other than through words. Hence the term “talking body”… ok, maybe that’s not what Tove lo meant, but you catch my drift ; )
If you haven’t tried it yet, hopefully I’ve given you a few reasons to try it!
Please share your dance experiences with me too! 🙂
This blog is not a one-way street- I’d love to hear about your reasons for dancing and experiences, as well!
Hope to talk dance with you soon!
Rhythmically yours,
Amandaidance o-)-<

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Partner Dancing… (Day 3)

    1. Michael- is that you? Hehe… sounds like something my fiancé would say! We met dancing, as well. I’m so happy for you- dance is a wonderful way to meet people, and if you’re lucky (like you and I were) you just might find your Forever.
      Rhythmically yours,


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