Dancers are People too. (Day 1)


It’s hard to calculate just how many dancers there are in the US because there are just so many types! Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Ballroom, Latin, Social, Cultural… the list goes on and on. You might not know it, but we are out there! There also different types of professions for dance: performer, teacher, and choreographer (many of us are multiple). The life of a dancer, as I’m still continuing to learn every single day, is not always as fun and whimsical as it may sound. It’s tough. It’s confusing. It’s often under-appreciated and even more often under-paid. We go through years of training, auditioning, practicing, literally-sweat, blood, and tears! When we respond to the question “What do you do?” we say “I dance.” You could only imagine the types of responses we hear to this! “Wow, that’s so cool! How do you make a living?” “Oh. That’s a job title?” “What do you mean?” “What’s your real job?” and my personal favorite… “You mean, like… a stripper?”

OK so if it’s so terrible… why do we do it? Well, that’s what I’m hoping to communicate through these next 364 days. I want to share with you WHY we dance. I can’t speak for all dancers, but I can speak for myself and my own life experiences. No matter the hardships we face, we are artists. We live for the feeling of movement and expression through our bodies. We might not always have the right words to say, but we know exactly how to say what we mean through our dancing. We don’t have a choice, we need to dance. It is our therapy, our way of communication, and truly our way of life.

Through these next 364 days, I would like to share with you my daily reminders of why I do what I do; I want to give you a little insight into the world of dance and how it affects myself and others in my life. I am a performer, teacher, and choreographer. Tuesday-Saturdays I am a Ballroom Dance Instructor and Professional Competitor. Mondays I am a Contemporary/Modern Teacher for children and teens. Sundays I am a Contemporary Dancer/Choreographer for a non-for-profit dance company. Every day I will share with you something I experienced and learned through dance.

Rhythmically yours,

Amandaidance  o-)-<


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